Download TuneUp for Mac Version 2.12 (EN)

Dearest TuneUp User

We’ve received a lot of feedback from our users about frustration with TuneUp 3.0 and want to make sure you have the best possible TuneUp experience.

Long story short, the decision to release 3.0 was made by the previous management and since then a group made up of the founding team has acquired the TuneUp assets and is committed to make sure you are taken care of. See more here!

The good news is that we have a solid and easy solution for you.  We strongly suggest that you upgrade to the new version of TuneUp for Mac 2.12.  It’s very stable, fast and accurate and is sure to address all of your music organization needs.

READ THIS FIRST: If you currently have any version of TuneUp installed, please read more about uninstalling TuneUp here! It is necessary to remove all currently installed versions of TuneUp prior to upgrading to TuneUp version 2.12.

System Requirements can be found here

TuneUp for Mac link: Download for Mac


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