DeDuper: What To Expect

When using DeDuper, it is important to know a few things about its operation.

FIRST: Please be sure that you are working with a "Clean" Library!!

So, you have a Clean library and want to rid your library of waste?? DeDuper is an excellent tool for the job and with the following bits of info, you can achieve great results!

DeDuper Tips

  1. DeDuper will not identify duplicates if they are from different albums (original vs greatest hits), live, covers or alternate takes.
  2. DeDuper will give you the option to remove duplicates or not. If you choose to remove duplicates, they will be moved to a folder called "TuneUp Duplicates".
  3. Please keep in mind that removing duplicates will also "remove" the duplicate song from any playlist(s) that the song is referenced in.
  4. DeDuper always keeps the higher bit rate version with the most accurate metadata (This explains why DeDuper works best on clean libraries).
  5. Setting iTunes to display "exact duplicates" closely mimics the criteria that DeDuper uses to identify duplicates. DeDuper is primarily concerned with "Carbon Copies"(songs that have the same song length, are from the same album release, ). Please set iTunes to display "Exact Duplicates" by holding the Option Key (MAC) or SHIFT Key (PC) when selecting the "Show Duplicates" within the File Menu (View Menu if using iTunes 11).

Here's a pic iTunes Duplicate Display.png that demonstrates what the iTunes Duplicate display would look like if "Exact Duplicate Display" is not chosen. This pic also shows that Cleaning was not completed. Don't do this ... please. If you analyze the examples highlighted in yellow, you will notice that the duplicates that iTunes report are across multiple albums. None of these songs have the same song length either, an important element to song versions.

It is understandable that some users wish not to keep albums "complete", however DeDuper is tuned to maintain complete albums.

Following the tips above, you should be well on your way to removing the duplicates out of your library!

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