Using DeDuper: Step by Step Guide

Access DeDuper by clicking on the deduper_icon_sm.pngtab. Click the "Find Duplicates" button to begin the search process, and DeDuper will process your library to search for duplicate songs. 


As stated in the app, it does take about a minute per 500 tracks in your music library.  Large collections may take a while, so if you have a large collection, be prepared to let it run for a while. As illustrated in the image below, you can Pause the search if you would like, and there is a progress bar that provides an estimate of how long the process will take. As DeDuper processes your collection, it will populate the list of results as it finds duplicate; however, be aware that since DeDuper is still searching, it may not have found all of the duplicates for a given song even though it is displaying the result.  It is best to wait to "DeDupe" until the search is complete.



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