TuneUp ( Fails to Sync iTunes Library on Launch

TuneUp accesses your "iTunes Library.xml" file to read and make changes to your music library "iTunes Library.itl file". If either of these files become corrupted or contain errors, TuneUp may experience issues when performing its processes. Please follow the instructions to try rebuilding your music library:

1.) Quit iTunes
2.) Locate your iTunes folder (this is the folder that contains the iTunes Library and iTunes Library.xml files).

Mac OS X:  Users > [your username] > Music


  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\
  • Windows Vista: C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes\
  • Windows 7: C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes\
  • Windows 8 & 8.1: C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes\
  • Windows 10: C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes\

3.) Open your iTunes folder.

4.) Drag the "iTunes Library.xml" or "iTunes Music Library.xml" file to the Desktop. (This is your back up copy and should be kept until the process has fully completed and verified)

5.) Open iTunes

This process forces iTunes to create a new, fresh copy of your iTunes XML file.

Does this resolve the issue?

If you are still experiencing issues or if iTunes does not re-create the iTunes XML automatically, please read the following Apple discussion.

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    Francisco Echeverria S

    Señores de tuneup, aún estoy esperando una respuesta de ustedes, ya que entro en soporte descargo la versión para yosemite, es un archivo comprimido, de 262kb, cuando quiero descomprimirlo me sale un mensaje "No se ha podido descomprimir tuneup installer 2.5.0 zip - no existe archivo o directorio".

    Por Favor

    Ayuda urgente

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    My iTunes does create a new playlist but the tuneup app still gets stuck at the Syncing with iTunes screen. Although my iTunes gives me an error when starting up "iTuneup.dll"could not load in 64-bit mode. Try contacting the pulg-in vendors to see if a 64-bit mode is available. unfortunate I cant paste the screenshot on here.

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    John Greene

    I have the same problem ""i TuneUp.dll" could not load in 64-bit mode.
    Try contacting the plug-in vendor(s) to see if a 64-bit version is available"

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    Kyle Van Kleef

    Any word on this? Do we know of any working version of iTunes and Tuneup? If not, we might have a class action law suit on our hands here...

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    James Robert Seggie

    The problem with this software is there is no support what so ever.

    I have been been trying to get an issue fixed for months, I eventually get a response telling me to do exactly what I have very clearly explained (even with screenshots) on the call I logged that I have done and then the call is just closed as "resolved".

    This software really isn't good at all, which is unfortunate because when it does work it's great!

    With service like this this company won't last long.

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    Yes I initially got the message, "i TuneUp.dll" could not load in 64-bit mode.
    Try contacting the plug-in vendor(s) to see if a 64-bit version is available" but only the very first time.

    Since then I just have the endless sync issue. Also, my tuneup window starts off the desktop and it's a process to get it back in view.

    I've followed all of the instructions and created a completely fresh iTunes library all with no luck.

    Support ticket submitted, now just hoping for some answers.

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    I have this problem as well and removing odd numbers did not help.

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    Jeff Sakurai

    This does NOT work. I want my refund ASAP please.

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    This Program Sucks I get this Error message every time on it just stops working even after reboot. "TuneUpApp has stopped working... A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

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    What OS does this app work with? Because it seems to me that everyone is having trouble with it. I am running Windows 7 on a Acer laptop. Every other software program I have works flawlessly, yet for whatever reason I cannot get TuneUp to work. Even after numerous uninstalls, re-installs, re-downloads, etc. It syncs with my iTunes library, but as soon as I try to drag some songs over and perform any of the four tabs, it crashes and gives me the error message: "TuneUpApp has stopped working... A problem caused the program to stop working correctly." I can't tell you how many hours I've spent trying to get this to App to work. It is beyond frustrating.

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    Daniel DeBo
    For those out there wondering if they can get it to work: Had trouble at first. Finally got it working on my Mac. OSX 10.10.5 iTunes @TuneUp First off, the site is super confusing. When I purchased, the site took days to load. Even for the payment page and it wasnt SSL either - doesn't really exude confidence in your potential client. (However, I bought anyway obviously) The after purchase Thank You page had a download link for a different version then what is available on your site anywhere. I download that, it starts installing and hangs. Left it for 2 hours, same place. Did the whole Delete Library File, restart, still nothing. So whatever, I go to the downloads section of the site and there's another version I can download there. This one doesn't have an installer, it has be drag the app to applications. It installs fine, doesn't sync. Try the delete library file trick, nothing again. Finally I go to the support, find a link to version 2.5 for 64-bit Mac. It looks like the first one with an installer, instead this time instead of hanging it pops up something in Safari Extensions, I approve it, install completes. Turn it on, it works now. Wow, you guys really know how to update a site and curate a great customer experience. Just a thought - Why not call 2.5 your Alpha and then work on your own Beta and eventual your own Retail release? Makes it a way better (and easier) experience for the customer and yourselves. Legally may not be that simple but do I look like a lawyer? Finally, wanted to add that you also mention a version 2.6 on the site... You really should clarify somewhere what versions of the software have been tested with what and possibly go to a list of all available versions like a wiki. What you have now may seem simpler, but I assure you, it is not. Well, I hope the service turns out to be as good as the world has advertised it and nothing like my installation / purchasing experience.
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    I need my money back plz or gimme a call for a walk through

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    I need my money back plz or gimme a call for a walk through

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    I need my money back plz or gimme a call for a walk through

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    alan madden

    i never had this issue ,now i do. updates itunes to version and this has started happening, im guessing tuneup needs updating to catch up with itunes. the error message from tune up refers to itunes being at version 12.2

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    alan madden

    i am now running the latest version of iTunes on windows 10 and the latest tune up - this has never been an issue previously and now this problem exists
    1. I have tried all the instructions on the error message.
    2. I have tried recreating the .xml file again to refresh the music library
    3. I have tried reinstalling tune up and then iTunes again
    4.i have raised a call with tech support but still no meaningfull response

    nothing works - why does tuneup think I do not have "share iTunes xml with other applications" ticked? -it is ticked.

    any ideas anyone?

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    Ron Barry

    I'm in the same boat - 404 Not Found nginx/1.8.0

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    Having the same problem...
    I basically been using Windows Media Player instead for th meantime... BUT ALL THE TUTORIALS ARE FOR ITUNES!!!
    And it doesn't work for iTunes.

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    Every time I try to open Tuneup I get an error message saying " starting with Itunes 12.2 third party applications require permission in order to access music collections..." I have followed the steps to no avail. I have submitted two requests but have received the error message as a response. Can some one help?

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    Does this company even exist? Is there support for this program any longer?

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    Thomas Lutz

    Tried this and it doesn't work.

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    Thomas Lutz

    Jrm1555, I wonder the same thing. Really wish they'd release an update or show some kind of 'life.'

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    Thomas - I'm starting to have one of those, "I think that I've been had" moments.

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    Thomas Lutz

    Are you going to update your software to work with the latest version of itunes? If not, I'd like a refund as the software no long works.

    Yes, my 'share xml with third party apps' box is checked in iTunes.
    Yes, I have the latest verison of the software 2.7.

    It doesn't work. Period.

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    TL -
    I have followed every step that they recommended. I have uninstalled twice and reinstalled twice. Now I notice that with the download there is a Tuneup "Uninstaller" as well. It pops up everytime I log on.

    Here is what I received on an email response last week:
    TuneUp Sup
    TuneUp Support (TuneUp | Support)
    Sep 28, 7:05 AM PDT
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    We are currently facing an issue and working on fixing it as soon as possible.
    Thank you for you understanding,
    TuneUp Support
    My original email to them:
    Sep 28, 6:22 AM PDT
    Cannot get Tune Up to sync, dock or do anything with iTunes. Please advise.
    It is not listed but my version of TuneUp is
    Best wishes to you Thomas,

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    D3 Neux

    Just for fun :v I uninstalled itunes 12.7 and installed the last previous version. And then tuneup worked. Sadly I cannot go back because library files are not compatible and I won't lose all my work organizing my library...
    When are you going to support itunes 12.7?

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    I'm having the same problems as everyone else. Updated iTunes and now the program doesn't work. Had it working for just long enough to go through my library and almost get rid of the dups. Now iTunes updated and this program craps out. Starts off screen, doesn't dock to iTunes, gets stuck on connecting. What the heck guys? If you don't want to make this thing work, then take down your payment link and give our money back.

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    Hello everyone having a problem when upgrading to iTunes 12.7. I have been a long time TuneUp user. This problem with TuneUp not working when iTunes updates is nothing new. This version of iTunes is a significant update as they removed a bunch of features. When that happens, things get broke for the helper softwares like TuneUp. It took over a month last time this happened (going from iTunes 11 to 12). Heck, it might have taken a couple of months for TuneUp to get fixed. Remember, when iTunes changes the TuneUp programmers have to start pouring over the code in the software to figure out what broke and they have to write new code or re-write old code. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that wouldn't even know where to start let alone get it fixed. Give it time...

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    Any news on update for Itunes 12.7???

    Edited by Bighbomb
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    Thomas Lutz

    It's been nearly a month since the release... So update to this software. It used to be the best software.

    I feel bad for the new people who have purchased this software... Because it doesn't work. Period.