How to Remove Artwork in iTunes

Symptom"Some of the albums you have attempted to save already have cover art. Existing cover art images must be deleted before TuneUp can save a new one."

You will receive this message in TuneUp if you are attempting to add artwork to tracks that already have artwork.


If you would like to replace the current images with one that TuneUp locates, then you will need first remove the artwork using the following information;

  • Click on the affected song to highlight it, or press the control/command button while clicking to highlight multiple songs within an album.


  • Right click on any song title (or selection of songs) and select “Get Info” from the drop down menu that appears. Within the dialog window on your screen, look for a box titled “Multiple Item Information." If you only selected one song, you should click on the tab labeled "Artwork" instead.


  • Select the current artwork and press "DELETE"

You are now able to add those tracks into TuneUp to process CoverArt.

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    Mark Wiltshire

    why cant you just get Tune up to replace the art work, this is a real pain to have to go back to iTunes, locate the song and then delete the art work!!!!

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    Walter Nugent

    Totally agree with the above. Furthermore I have spent money on software that tells me I have all the artwork for my albums, but 75% clearly have missing artwork.

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    Great wonderful points. Each and every single point mentioned above has its own importance.
    But Anyways,
    thanks for this article...
    I really love it !!
    keep it up good work !! :)

    Thanks and Regards,
    Jemmi Wilson.

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    MIchael Mulligan

    •Select the current artwork and press "DELETE"

    For me, DELETE didn't work, but BACK did.

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    Bo Boulware

    I'm having this issue, but the tracks being flagged don't have any artwork. I've even tried manually adding artwork, deleting THAT artwork, and trying it again... same thing. I can understand why it might not automatically replace artwork on every track, since it can't examine the artwork, but there should be an "overwrite it, anyway - trust me, i'm really, really sure" option or something.

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    Did everything the article says and when I try and clean albums itunes freezes..........sooooo tired of your updates making the program not what point do you just admit you've ruined this beyond repair and start issuing refunds