Step Three: Clean Your Library Using Dirty Playlists

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Time to face the music! Clean your collection using "Dirty Playlists" and Drag n Drop.

After you have sorted your collection by Artist, simply start dragging and dropping an artist (or multiple artists) at a time, starting at the top and moving down.  We believe this is the best way for those of you with larger collections to Clean your collection in logical "chunks". We certainly don't encourage dragging your entire library into the "Clean" window. Dragging sections of your library into Clean is a good strategy for tackling your entire collection for a number of reasons:

    • By dragging an Artist at a time, the "Search" process is short enough that you can get reasonably quick results and then have time to review the results as needed.
    • By Cleaning an artist (or multiple artists) at a time, TuneUp will be more accurate with returning correct Album level information. This is because we will always know if you have multiple songs from a certain album and context as we discussed earlier… is everything.
    • With Create Playlists enabled, you will create an alphabetical "history", in playlists. These are all stored in a folder called "TuneUp: Cleaned". If you decide to clean your collection in multiple sessions, you can easily stop, come back later, and refer to these playlists to see where you left off.
    • There is a strong visual cue from iTunes to TuneUp and it becomes very intuitive to see the correlation between what you have dragged over from iTunes and what TuneUp is selecting as the correct information (as shown below).  

If you don't have a lot of songs by certain artists, it's as simple as just dragging and dropping multiple artists at a time into Clean. This method still provides a quick and intuitive way to review the results and save them (as shown below).


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    There is a pc -Media player too put some exples for for thoose who are using it.

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    Loran G Glasco Jr

    yes please do share that information on how to use tuneup with windows media player. i only use Itunes to load my sons Ipad and my ipod with music i would rather work though media player it doesn't take a huge amount of memory like Itunes does

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Loran,

    Thanks for your feedback. We have a WMP tutorial video that covers the differences. Please check it out here: