"Selective" Cleaning- How to process only certain elements

Selective Processing

There are situations when you may only want to apply the song name, but not the album artist information that TuneUp has located. Or maybe, you prefer your album year information but want TuneUp to process everything else. The combinations that exist are vast and TuneUp offers you the ability to customize this process to your liking.

To perform selective cleaning is very easy and can be done on a album/song basis or globally. Setting for both are below.

Per Album/Song Basis:
Drag your songs into TuneUp's "Clean" window.  Once TuneUp locates the matches for these songs, click on the three dots located just to the right of the album name ( This will show you a drop down menu with the following checkboxes:

-Track Name
-Track Artist
-Album Artist
-Track Number
-Track Count
-Cover Art
-Disk Number
-Disk Count

Global Change:

If you want to apply changes how all songs are processed on a global level, you can do so within the preference window of TuneUp (under Preferences > Clean > Save Metadata Defaults).

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