Installation Guide

Download TuneUp Version 2.4.8

What you need to know before installing TuneUp:
  • It is only possible to have only one version of TuneUp installed at a time per computer.
  • If you already have a different version of TuneUp installed, you will need to completely uninstall it first! See this article in our support FAQ for instructions.
  • If you already own a TuneUp license, your Activation Code will unlock any version of TuneUp. By uninstalling and re-installing TuneUp, you will need to re-activate the new installation. See this article in our Support FAQ for instructions.

TuneUp 2.4.8 for Mac Users

Download TuneUp 2.4.8

TuneUp 2.4.8 for Windows Users

Download TuneUp 2.4.8

Please visit the Troubleshooting area of our support site for specific system requirements.
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  • Avatar
    Marc Stress

    Glad to see TuneUp springing back to life. Keep the good news coming!

  • Avatar
    Andrew Stein

    Excellent news, I've continued to use versions of Tuneup 2.4, at first using the "trick tuneup into thinking its version 3" method and then the way I wanted to when tuneup media finally "allowed" me to downgrade, but I've always thought it a pity that there would be no further development of the good and fast version that it is while all efforts were being directed into the version 3 that was forced onto us, despite being agonisingly slow. I hope you succeed in reviving the company and continue to develop what is really a great product.

  • Avatar
    Carla Bynon

    OMG! I am sooo very happy I kept that URL. I kept clicking it every couple of weeks just to see if by some miracle it would work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Avatar

    Thank you, thank you, thank you here as well!!! I am so glad you're back and with the best working version there was! I threw version 3.0 in the shredder. I am thrilled to be tagging like crazy again with 2.4.

  • Avatar

    Yes, yes yes!!! It thought it was only me that was angry and stopped using TuneUp because suddenly it was useless doing its main job: sorting and cleaning music.

    Really glad to read that the original team is back and rolling back to a good release. In my humble opinion, if TuneUp focus on cleaning music, and doing it better and better, and easier and easier, it will be a success. Yes, the social information about concerts and such is nice, but I think it's not the main reason to buy your app, at least for me it wasn't.

    There's a rule of thumb I think many people forget and I love to apply even in my personal life: it's the KISS philosophy: "Keep It Simple, Stupid". Sometimes, adding more and more things, more and more options and buttons, it's not the way to go, and stay simple and focused on doing one thing, and doing it right, it's much better. And I think it's the case here. As I said before, this is my humble opinion ;).


  • Avatar
    Frank Zunderer

    So good news, i was really sad when tuneup disappeared, it's such a cool piece of software from the appearance to what it does. All the best to you guys, keep it up!

  • Avatar
    Peter Giordano

    Worst system ever - I want a refund because the product does not do what it says (I have over 100000 tracks and it can't handle it) - The activation code is apparently bogus - The "support" is a loop that keeps the user far away from direct contact

  • Avatar

    I received you email and confirmed that iTunes is setup to share with other applications, so that is not the issue.

  • Avatar

    These guys took my money. software wont download. no responses for weeks from support staff. do not buy this software. rip OFF

  • Avatar

    WARNING - do not buy. Paid for download, never sent a link. No reply from support.

    Edited by Jh181
  • Avatar
    Billy Pettit

    I Own a key from a few years back and now cant find download after replacing hard drive. So somebody best do something, taking peoples money and no product will get somebody's face caved in!!!!

  • Avatar
    Clutch 269

    This product is no longer supported. Whomever is in charge of this site needs to stop taking money for a product that is no longer working or supported. This is how a class action lawsuit get's started. Anyone looking to purchase this software DON'T, it is no longer functioning.

  • Avatar

    Very sad that the person responsible for taking down this site refuses to do so. Tuneup Media once was a great product. Now, it's in the hands of grifters and criminals.