Step Two: Sort your Collection

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Sort your collection using the “Analyze” function and create a “Dirty Playlist”

Arranging your "Dirty Playlist" that TuneUp created for you during Analyze by artist, will create a more sequential look up and processing of songs. This tremendously speeds up the cleaning process and is very efficient even for extremely dirty libraries. This will also yield the best results. The reason for this is context. If you send 1 or maybe 2 songs from an album, TuneUp may not be able to determine the most accurate "context" of the song's origin. The more songs by a particular artist, the better the refinement of results. Context is everything!

Once you have a sorted playlist to work from, you are now ready to start cleaning your collection. Let's get to it!


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    Analysis shows "2816 of the 41703 tracks in your music library have missing or inaccurate information." My "collection is 93% clean."
    What does this mean? How am I supposed to create a "Dirty Playlist" when there is no specific track names, artist names, etc. listed for me to create a playlist from? Am I supposed to guess what the tracks are?