Step One: Analyze Your Library

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Welcome to the quick and easy way to fix your music


So you need to fix your music library…
Great! We’re here to help. Launch TuneUp to get started. During sync, we automatically do a full scan of your library to gather some preliminary information about the state of your music library.



Tip: TuneUp will need to re-sync your library any time a change occurs... This also includes changes made to your library by TuneUp. The sync process however, is typically very fast, even with larger libraries.

How messy is your music?

Utilizing TuneUp’s Analyze function, you will be able to get an idea of what work actually needs to be done. TuneUp will automatically create a “Dirty Playlist” for you to begin your library organization.


Use Analyze to uncover the problem areas in your library.
You will want to verify that the TuneUp preference to “create playlists” is enabled. This is done by accessing TuneUp preferences.
Press the to access preferences.


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    Richard Williams

    It would be good to define large library. My analysis took a couple minutes, but the Dirty list is showing 25 days to completion (over 69K unclean tracks).

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your feedback. We typically consider libraries with 30K + tracks to be "large". 100k+ tracks using this metric would be HUGE :).

    Are you referring to the total "playlist" time as displayed in iTunes?

    If so this is separate from TuneUp and does not predict how long it would actually take to process songs within your Dirty Playlist. It sounds like you are referring to the play time of the 69K tracks (sum of the duration of the songs in list)

    I apologize if I misunderstood what you meant.

    TIP: Please be sure to sort your Dirty Playlist by Artist prior to tackling the list and with 69K tracks... don't go too fast! Basically, there is a balance to be had, as you will want to not put so many songs into Clean that you are not able to review your results, yet if you work with too few tracks it would take much longer.

    TuneUp | Support

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    Richard Williams

    Thanks for the tips. I think it's play time. Though I still have some work ahead of me. Couldn't do it without TuneUp.