Step Four: Review and Save Your Results

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Once you have songs into the "Clean" area, you will see your TuneUp window transform to a state very similar to what is depicted in the image below.

TuneUp will group the results by albums and confidence levels.

  • Matches: more than 90% confident
  • Likely Matches: 80% - 90% confident
  • Not Found: less than 80% confident

Click the arrow next to each album to review your results:

  • Save the results for an individual album by clicking the check mark.
  • Save all album results for a confidence bin (Matches and Likely Matches) by clicking the Save All button at the top of each bin.
  • If you would prefer not to save the album results, then click the X or Clear All button.

Once you have saved your changes, you are now ready to add more albums/songs. Rinse and repeat!

Keep at it, artist by artist until you entire collection is clean.  You will feel fantastic... at one with your music collection and the universe!


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