What is the licensing policy?

TuneUp's user licensing policy can be viewed, in full, on our website by visiting our policies page

A trial version of TuneUp can be downloaded, installed, and used, with limited access to certain features, free of charge.

When you purchase a TuneUp license, you are buying an activation code that will unlock all of TuneUp’s products and features.

  • Users may purchase a TuneUp activation code license by One-Time Purchase or Annual Subscription. The functionality of the software under each option is identical, the only difference being that Annual Subscription customers are charged on a yearly basis for continued access to their license and features.
  • The Annual Subscription license will renew automatically after one year, but can be canceled. The One-Time Purchase license does not have an expiration date. Both licenses are issued on a per-computer basis and can be transferred up to five (5) times.

Please note: A TuneUp activation code license is not transferable to the Mac App Store version of TuneUp.  TuneUp from the Mac App Store is subject to the Mac App Store licensing policy.

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