How do I cancel my TuneUp subscription?

When you purchase the Annual Subscription version of TuneUp, you are automatically signed up for a recurring subscription plan. This means that each year on or about the annual anniversary of when you signed up for an annual subscription, you will be charged a renewal fee, unless you choose to opt out of or cancel your subscription at least one business day before then. You are responsible for cancelling your recurring subscription at least one business day prior to the annual anniversary, otherwise it will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged.

If you've paid for TuneUp with a credit card, you can cancel your annual subscription before that time (though we will not issue a refund for the already paid-up subscription year), by contacting our support team directly at and providing details that would enable us to cancel the automatic renewal process. 

If you've paid via PayPal, you can manually terminate or cancel the annual subscription renewal in your PayPal account at any time.  To do this:

1.) Log into PayPal

2.) Make sure you are in "My Account"

3.) Click on the "Profile" link, a dropdown will show up, but ignore it and just click on "Profile"

4.) Under "Financial Information" there will be a link for "Recurring Payments", click on it.

5.) All your active recurring payments will appear, go to the one for TuneUp and click "View Details"

6.) Click the "Cancel" link

7.) There will be a pop-up, click "Yes" Your subscription will then be canceled.

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