Why am I seeing a "TuneUp Updater" error message when launching TuneUp?

If TuneUp's Updater is being blocked, you may receive the following error message when attempting to launch TuneUp: 

"TuneUp's Updater (TuneUpUpdater.exe) is having difficulties launching or reaching our server. Please check your internet connection, firewall and anti-virus/anti-spyware settings and then relaunch TuneUp."

To resolve this issue, it's best to first try adding an exception for both "TuneUp.exe" and "TuneUpDater.exe" in any firewall or anti-virus program you have installed on your machine.

If you're still experiencing the same issue after doing this, you can also try the following:

1.) Open Internet Explorer

2.) Click the "Tools" drop down menu

3.) Navigate to "Internet Options"

4.) In the window that appears, click on the "Connections" tab

5.) Select "LAN Settings"

6.) Uncheck the checkbox option next to "Auto detect settings"

7.) Uncheck the checkbox option next to "Use a proxy server for your LAN"

8.) Please make sure the "address" section below that checkbox is blank (and void of any blank spaces).

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