How can I get the latest version of TuneUp if I have problems with the Updater?

1.) Please quit out of both iTunes & Tuneup and go to the following site to download the appropriate version of TuneUp for your operating system:

2.) If you're on a Mac, double click the downloaded file and allow it to mount to your desktop.  After that, a window should appear instructing you to drag the TuneUp application into your computer's Applications folder. If you're on a PC, simply double click the downloaded "exe" file to begin the installation process. 

3.) Relaunch iTunes and TuneUp.

4.) If you have a paid license for TuneUp, this "trial" version will become the full "activated" version of TuneUp once you re-enter your Activation Code. After logging in, please locate the red "upgrade" button on the bottom of the TuneUp window, and enter your activation code in the space provided.

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