Attaching to (and Detaching from) iTunes (Windows)

NOTE: If you are running TuneUp 3.0 or higher, this support item is no longer valid. All support documentation for 3.0 and higher can be found under TuneUp Support - Learn More. 

TuneUp has traditionally "attached" to the right side of iTunes, allowing users a useful and convenient way to use TuneUp as an iTunes companion application.  TuneUp now offers a choice for users, and you now have the ability to run TuneUp either "attached" to the right side of iTunes or "detached" and running as its own window.  

When you launch TuneUp for the first time, it will be "Detached".  If you wish to attach TuneUp to iTunes at this point, you simply need to click on the Attach Icon bottom_attach_icon.jpg at the bottom of TuneUp - - do the reverse and click the Detach Icon bottom_detach_icon.jpg if you wish to Detach from iTunes.


While TuneUp is Attached, it will respond to many window and application commands that you apply to iTunes, such as the Close, Minimize and Zoom buttons in the Title Bar: 

2-24-2012 4-11-33 PM.png

Attach and Detach also works with Windows Media Player, although only in "Library" view.  TuneUp will minimize to the Task Bar if the WMP view is changed to "Now Playing" or "Skin".


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