Detach / Attach Behavior on Windows OS

TuneUp 2.4 introduced the ability to Detach TuneUp from your media player and use it as an independent window.  The behavior in the Windows OS is slightly different than in Mac OS, so we wanted to point out the subtle difference for those users who many switch operating systems or use both concurrently.

  • When TuneUp is Attached and you minimize your media player (iTunes or WMP), TuneUp will minimize with the player to the Task Bar.
  • When minimized in this way, TuneUp is still attached to the media player, even though they are both minimized.
  •  Clicking on the TuneUp icon in the Task Bar when minimized and attached won't restore TuneUp, as it remains attached to the minimized media player - it is disabled.
  • Clicking on the media player icon in the Task Bar will restore the media player as well as TuneUp, still attached to the player.  At this point, you may Detach TuneUp and it will behave as an independent window.

This same behavior also occurs when TuneUp is Attached to the media player and the mode or view of the media player is changed such that TuneUp can no longer remain attached.

With iTunes, this happens when you change iTunes to "mini mode".  TuneUp will minimize to the Task Bar and cannot be restored from the task bar.  When iTunes goes back to standard mode, TuneUp will reappear and be attached.

With Windows Media Player, this happens when you change WMP to "Now Playing" view or "Skin" view. 

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