"Now Playing" and "Skin" mode in WMP

TuneUp 2.4 introduced the ability to "attach" and "detach" TuneUp from Windows Media Player, allowing you to position TuneUp independently or as a single window attached to the media player. "Now Playing " view and "Skin" view in Windows Media Player make attaching TuneUp to the player either impossible or impractical, and so we disable the the ability to attach TuneUp to WMP in these views.  

  • In both cases, if TuneUp is attached to WMP when you set WMP to Now Playing or Skin view, TuneUp will minimize to the Task Bar
  • Clicking the TuneUp icon in the Taskbar will NOT open the TuneUp window while it is still attached.
  • You must change the view of WMP back to "Library", and then TuneUp will restore to its previous attached state.
  • When TuneUp is detached, it will behave completely independently of WMP, and therefore, changes to Now Playing or Skin view will have no effect on TuneUp.

This is "Now Playing Mode", and it is a compact view of the player, and TuneUp will not attach.


The "Skin" view allows the player to adopt many different sizes and shapes, and TuneUp will not attach. 


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