End User Licenses: TuneUp vs. the Mac App Store

Customers who purchase TuneUp from the Mac App Store are subject to Apple's license and usage terms and not TuneUp's standard EULA. This is true for all apps purchased via the Mac App Store, which follow the same licensing terms as both iTunes music and book  purchases.

The iTunes Terms of Sale and the iTunes Terms and Conditions are the two license documents related to all Mac App Store purchase (links provide are US only for other territories, see: There are some differences between Apples Mac App store license and our own for direct purchases made from our website.

There are notable differences between the Apple/iTunes license and our own license for software purchased directly from our website. We certainly can't detail them all, but here are notable differences:

  • While it may seem obvious, the license for any software purchases via the Mac App Store only extends only to Apple computers and devices. 
  • Additionally, the "Authorized" computer must be running at least OS X version 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard), as this is the earliest version that allows installation of the Mac App Store software.
  • TuneUp Activation codes acquired via a purchases from our website can be used and transferred on any computer running any operating system that falls within our System Requirements.
  • Your Mac App Store license is completely tied to your iTunes account and login, which includes your credit card information.
  • TuneUp direct licenses are based on a single Activation code which you acquire when you purchase TuneUp. We have processes for retrieving a lost code, although we do require the original email address. 
  • Apple allows Mac App Store apps to run on up to 5 concurrent computers, but all of them need to be "Authorized", which means the user must be logged into iTunes with the account they purchased the software with. This connection to an active iTunes account (with credit card information attached) makes it very unlikely that a user could violate the license by "sharing" their license.
  • TuneUp direct allows five (5) transfers to an additional computer of any purchased Activation code. This policy is not intended to restrict a user who has legitimately purchased our software, but since we use a simple Activation code, we have to be much more careful about illegitimate use than Apple.

We understand that there are significant differences between the Mac App Store license our our "direct" EULA, and we are in the process of evaluating our current policy to see how we can balance flexibility for our users with protection of our product from unauthorized use. We want those of you who have purchased TuneUp to have greater freedom in the personal use of the application, and are committed to developing an infrastructure that will support that. We look forward to arriving at a solution that will provide our users with more a more flexible license.

In the meantime, if you have questions about our licensing or Activation policy, please contact our Support Team.

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