"Low on Memory" Warning

When TuneUp is performing heavy processing, it may, from time to time, run low on the system memory (RAM) required for the application to run properly. When this happens, you will receive this error:


Clicking continue will resume whatever process TuneUp was performing when the error occurred, and the memory issue may correct itself.  It is likely, however, that the application will run out of memory entirely need to quit. In that case, you will receive the "Out of Memory" Warning and TuneUp will quit.

If this happens, in most cases, restarting TuneUp will remedy the problem.  When you restart TuneUp, the application will cycle through a few steps to get you back to where you were when the memory issue occurred. If you continue to have memory issues (especially using Clean), we recommend that you try and drag and drop fewer tracks, as this will reduce the amount of memory required.  If you have a very large collection, we recommend you Clean it in steps - this is a best practice that we believe works quite well: Step by Step: Cleaning You Entire Collection.

To Avoid Memory Problems:

  • Don't run too many other applications while running TuneUp
  • Try dragging 1000 tracks or fewer at a time (dragging all songs by an artist at a time works well)
  • Only run one process in TuneUp at a time.  For example, don't start a search for clean info in Clean and then search for duplicates in DeDuper at the same time.
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