Anatomy of the "Clean" Tab

The following is a quick description of the different functions and features within the "Clean" tab.  For a more complete description of "Bins", see: Bins, "Matches" and Likely Matches.


  1. "Matches" Bin: we are VERY confident that we have accurate info for all albums grouped in this Bin 
  2. Clear All Button: clicking will "Clear" all albums in that bin. Clearing doesn't delete or change any information, it just removes that Bin from the results list.
  3. Save All Button: Will save all song and album info for any albums grouped in that bin with the information we have proposed.
  4. Album Bin: a Bin that holds the songs from a single album. Expanding this Bin will reveal the songs available on that album and which of those you possess in your library and collection.
  5. "More album options" icon: Clicking this "..." icon will display the options available for which specific song and album fields will be saved upon clicking Save.
  6. "Save Album" icon: Saves all of the information for songs within your library and collection that belong to that album.
  7. "Clear Album" icon: This will clear a single album from the results list
  8. "Processing": Sometimes, TuneUp cannot immediately identify all of the songs in the list, and it will group those that are still being processed into the "Processing" Bin.
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