How To Get Songs into Clean

Getting songs into TuneUp is as easy as dragging and dropping content.


Please follow these steps to get songs into TuneUp for processing;

  • Click the spray bottle icon and select "Clean" in the sub-navigation below. 
  • Drag songs directly from the iTunes interface that you would like Cleaned


  • If you are using TuneUp with Windows Media Player (WMP), you must select the desired songs in WMP, right-click the selection, and use the "Send To" option in the menu.  This will have the same effect as dragging and dropping in iTunes.
  • After TuneUp has processed your songs, you can review proposed changes before saving by clicking on the "Bins" to view album and even individual song information.
  • Save changes to individual albums by clicking the save_album_icon.png (save album icon) or save entire "Bins" of albums by clicking the save_all_icon.png(Save All icon).
  • You can "Clear" albums or bins, which simply remove them from the list (nothing is removed, deleted, or otherwise changed).  Use the clear_album_icon.png for albums and the clear_all_icon.png for entire "Bins" 
  • If you are unsatisfied with the results of Clean, be sure to customize your Preferences first.
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