PC: TuneUp window disappears when music is dragged into it

NOTE: If you are running TuneUp 3.0 or higher, this support item is no longer valid. All support documentation for 3.0 and higher can be found under TuneUp Support - Learn More. 

Bug: Undocked TuneUp window disappears when music is dragged into it from your iTunes library (this is sometimes coupled with the "dock" icon appearing disabled).

Cause: If your iTunes window consumes the entire length of your computer screen, there is not enough room for TuneUp to dock next to it, causing the TuneUp window to overlap iTunes. Clicking on iTunes brings focus to that program's window, causing TuneUp to either disappear off of your screen, or become a secondary window directly behind iTunes. 

Workaround:  In a future release of TuneUp, launching our application will most likely force the iTunes window to resize itself enough on your screen to allow room of TuneUp. In the meantime, you can manually resize the iTunes window by doing the following: 

  1. Locate the bottom right hand corner of the iTunes window, and click/hold your cursor on it
  2. Drag your curser to the left side of your screen - the iTunes window should resize as you do this
  3. Drag the TuneUp window so that it fills the empty space on your screen. If you've given it enough space, the "dock" icon should also be re-enabled, allowing you to dock TuneUp to the right hand side of iTunes automatically 
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