Cross Platform: Cleaned Songs Appear in "Dirty" Playlist

NOTE: If you are running TuneUp 3.0 or higher, this support item is no longer valid. All support documentation for 3.0 and higher can be found under TuneUp Support - Learn More. 

Bug: After saving clean information to a song using TuneUp, that same song may appear in the "Dirty" playlist when reanalyzing your music. 


The analyze feature of TuneUp looks at the following metadata fields to determine if a song is "dirty":

-Track Artist
-Track Name
-Album Name
-Track Name

If one of these fields on a track did not return metadata information from Gracenote (our database provider) when cleaned, that particular song will still be considered "dirty." Most commonly, this occurs with the "year" field. 

Workaround:  This issue is a known bug that we're working on fixing, however at the moment, we unfortunately do not have any temporary workarounds to provide 

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