How can I control what song information TuneUp cleans?

Selective Cleaning

1.) Drag your songs into TuneUp's "Clean" window.  Once TuneUp locates the matches for these songs, click on the three dots located just to the right of the album name. This will show you a drop down menu with the following checkboxes:

- Track Name
- Album
- Track Artist
- Album Artist
- Track Number
- Track Count
- Composer
- Genre
- Year
- Cover Art
- Disk Number
- Disk Count

2.) Unchecking any of these boxes will force that particular metadata to be **ignored** when you press the save button. If you want to apply this same change to all songs dragged into TuneUp on a global level, you can do within the preference window of TuneUp (under Preferences > Clean > Save Metadata Defaults).

Manually Adding Artwork

You can manually add artwork to any song/album in iTunes by doing the following:

-Click on the affected song to highlight it, or press the control/command button while clicking to highlight multiple songs within an album.

-Right click on any song title and select “Get Info” from the drop down menu that appears. Within the dialog window on your screen, look for a box titled “Multiple Item Information." If you only selected one song, you should click on the tab labeled "Artwork" instead.

-Locate the album art you want to associate to the album (you can find the album art on-line and simply save it to your hard drive. Drag and drop (or copy and paste) it into the designated “Artwork” section of the “Multiple Item Information” box or just the empty artwork box if you're only working with one song. Then click the “OK” button. iTunes will process the change and associate the artwork to that song/every song on the album.

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