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Users running VIPRE antivirus and TuneUp simultaneously may experience issues during the song lookup process. Most commonly, users drag songs into TuneUp, and TuneUp immediately shows the message "done" without displaying any lookup results. 


Please follow the instructions below to add an exception to the VIPRE Firewall "Web Filter Settings":

1.) Quit TuneUp, and open VIPRE Internet Security 2012
2.) Click the "Firewall" tab
3.) Click "View Settings"
4.) Click the "Web Filter Settings" button
5.) Go to the "Allowed Applications" tab
6.) Click "Add..." and navigate to Program Files (or Program Files (x86) if on 64 bit system) > TuneUpMedia. Open the TuneUpMedia folder and click on the file "TuneUpApp" and then click "Open"
7.) Click OK to close out of the "Add an Allowed Application" window
8.) Click OK to close out of "Web Filter Settings" window
9.) Click "Apply" in the "Settings" window to apply your changes, then click OK
10.) Restart TuneUp

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