How can I uninstall TuneUp from my computer?

For Mac:

If you'd like to uninstall just the TuneUp application and not any of the associated files installed along with it (preferences, cache, etc), simply drag the drag the TuneUp icon from your Applications folder, into the trash can  on the bottom right hand side of your dock.

To completely remove TuneUp and all associated files from your machine, please follow the instructions below: 

  1. Open a "Finder" window and go to  "Mac HD > Applications"
  2. Click and drag the TuneUp icon from your Applications folder, into the trash can on the bottom right hand side of your dock
  3. Back within Finder, locate the "Go" menu at the top of your screen, and select Go > Go to Folder...
  4. Enter the following file path into the space provided: ~/Library/Preferences                    
  5. Delete the file named: com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp.plist
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5, but enter a different file path instead: ~/Library/Application Support
  7. Delete the folder named: com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp and TuneUp (if present)
  8. Repeat Steps 3-5 one last time, and enter the following file path: ~/Library/Caches
  9. Delete the folder named: com.tuneupmedia.TuneUp
 For PC / Windows 
  1. Open the "Control Panel" from the Start Menu or from any Explorer window
  2. Select the "Programs and Features" icon
  3. Within the "Programs and Features" folder, find the "Tuneup Companion" icon and double-click to begin uninstall process.
  4. Follow the directions to complete the uninstall.
  5. Navigate to the Windows Start Panel
  6. Please enter the following into the "Run" area: %appdata%
  7. Delete the "TuneUpMedia" folder
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